A thought just occurred to me as I am a resident of Miami. I often do business in other countries particularly the Middle East, India, China, South America, and Mexico. I’ve always had such pleasant experiences when dealing with my partners. I notice that visitors touring Miami are so happy and smiling. I know this has nothing to do with eyelashes, but the thought occurred to me that humans innately crave happiness and when we travel we seek this happiness. I just imagine myself in China smiling at all the Chinese and wishing that I did not stand out as a silly American tourist. What I’ve discovered in my observation of people from around the world is that everyone is reflecting happiness. I just wanted to share my thoughts and that I love doing international business with happy people. I’m so grateful that the eyelash extension industry has given me the opportunity to travel the world and make people happy! I love my job! Thank you to all who took the time to read my blog.


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