So I got a call the other day from a lady who was looking to get eyelash extensions. She said she had been wearing lash clusters for years and she noticed that her natural lashes were no longer growing and when they did were very thin.

I asked her if she had some spare time, so I could explain to her what exactly was happening to her natural lashes.

Explaining that my main concern was education and that, even if she didn’t come to me for extensions,  I wanted her to be armed with knowledge so that when she went into the marketplace, she would be able to tell if a lash stylist was educated, honest or not.

First I quickly explained to her the anatomy of the eye and the lifecycle of the eyelashes.

Natural human eyelashes are cyclical and they typically have a lifecycle of about 60-90 days depending on your metabolism.

The eyelashes do not grow out symmetrically thus each individual eyelash has its own rate of speed.  In  other words, they are not simultaneously growing at the same exact length or shedding at the same exact moment.  Again, each individual lash is growing or shedding at its own rate of speed and this is your unique genetic deposition.  Everyday you naturally shed around 5 lashes on each eye.  Some days you’ll have more shedding and others none at all.  This is natural.  Perhaps you may shed quicker on one side because it is your favorite side to sleep on.

I then explained that the natural human eyelash grows approximately 1 mm per week.  So in about 4 to 12 weeks you’re natural lash will reach it’s maximum length and maturity, then a new baby lash will quickly replace it as it sheds so there is no empty space.  However, if you pull out the existing lash before it reaches its’ maturation, you will have a space until a new lash is ready to exit.

Back to her dilemma…if her natural eyelash is not able to exit or grow due to it being blocked by a strip or cluster of extensions it will go into what I call a “hibernating state”.  If this happens over a long period of time the natural eyelashes will struggle to grow out and eventually grow thinner and thinner.  Cluster lashes or strip lashes should only be worn for a few hours.  Further more, cluster or strip lashes should never be applied with cyanoacrylate adhesive and should be applied using a temporary adhesive that dissolves in water.

Usually what happens is when a person has a strip or clusters applied to their lashes, they’re not only having the strip placed on top of their natural lashes but it’s being placed on top of the skin which prohibits any future growth and literally suffocates the natural lashes.

The natural eyelash will struggle to exit and usually it will grow out sideways and not a perfectly vertical direction like it’s supposed to naturally.

Unfortunately what I’m seeing lately is an influx of uneducated or dishonest people.  I presume they are taking a training course to acquire the cyanoacrylate adhesive and then using it improperly.

It’s so important to have eyelash extensions placed properly with someone who is highly educated and has years of experience.

If you are concerned that you may be having eyelash extensions applied incorrectly you many contact us below for a complimentary consultation to determine if this is the case.


Take care!


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